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Welcome to the Winxipedia WikiEdit

Winxipedia! The Wiki about Winx Club, where everyone can share their knowlege about Winx Club with the world! Thanks for viewing Winxipedia! Hope you all can make this a amazing wiki! We need some active users who could help get this wiki popular! Once we get more users we will start hiring rollbacks! And later some admins to fight off vandals! Hope you have a nice stay at the Winxipedia! Enjoy!

What Version of Winx Club Will We Be Using?Edit

We will be using the RAI, Nickelodeon, and the 4kids versions!!! We can not forget about the 4kids version which most of us grew up watching!


Some off you are probably saying "There already is a Winx Club Wiki!" well I know that already but I just wanted to create one myself! You can go ahead and edit at the other Winx Club Wiki, but it would be awesome if you could edit here too!

Welcome to Winxipedia!

Welcome to Winxipedia! Thanks for viewing and thanks for the edits too! We currently need some active users who can share their knowledge about Winx Club with us! If you need any help just leave WinxBelievix1998 a message on her talk page! Have fun editing!


If you would like to be on our affiliate list then leave a message on WinxBelievix1998's talk page!
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